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Institute of Queer Ecology Jumpsuits

3 suits (S, M, L)
dyed cotton and polyester blend,
machine embroidered patches,

Felix Beaudry and Lee Pivnik
for the Institute of Queer Ecology

The Jumpsuits were created at the start of the project as a way to invite someone to put themselves and their practice into a new form and join a team.

Building on a history of scientists who done specific outfits (NASA, Biosphere 2, Mars 500), we use the jumpsuits to make research and labor into performative tasks.

There are currently three Jumpsuits, each with custom embroidered patches, dyed a kind of lavendar / orchid fuscia, both a nod to history the color purple has played in queer movements (thinking here of the lavendar scare) as well as the queerness of orchids and other flowers.